Our Team Members


Priti Raju Rohira

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) &
Chief Compliance Officer (C.C.O)

Priti Rohira is an experienced legal and compliance executive with more than 12 years of industry experience in compliance, legal and secretarial functions, where she has gathered her vast experience by ensuring compliance with corporate laws, maintaining statutory records, managing all corporate legal and compliance activities, set up entire operational framework for legal and compliance functions and also handled the IT developments of the legal and compliance teams in various corporate companies. Currently, she is employed at Amazon seller services Pvt Ltd. as its Corporate Counsel.

In addition to her experience, qualifications and the necessary capabilities, Mrs Priti also possesses effective communication skills and proper team-leading abilities with strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational abilities along with decisive decision-making skills.

Her richly varied and vast experiences in executive, legal, compliance and secretarial functions in various corporates throughout her professional life has deemed her appropriate to lead the company as its Chief Compliance Officer (C.C.O). Additionally, her skills can be channelized to improve organizational supervision, operational development, efficient workforce development, and cross-functional coordination across teams and thus she will also be taking in charge as the C.E.O of the company.

Mrs. Priti Rohiri is a law graduate from K.C law College, Mumbai University and also holds a B. Com degree from H.R college, Mumbai University. She has also cleared the C.S (company secretary) exam held by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. 

As the C.E.O and C.C.O of the company, her roles would entail:
Overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the compliance program.
Providing guidance, advice, and training.
Providing strategic direction to the management team on compliance.
Preparing and presenting clear and concise compliance reports to the Board.
Interacting with regulators on compliance issues.
Coordinating efforts related to audits, reviews, and examinations.


Vishal Rajeev

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Vishal Rajeev has approximately 5+ years of industry experience working as an administrative assistant participating in business development, strategical operations and office administration covering manufacturing and export industry and is also adept at organizing, client-handling, document management, and managing day to day administrative tasks.

Currently, he is involved with VGC Beena Pvt Ltd. as a business development manager where he is responsible for responsible for driving business growth within the company, develop a network of contacts to attract potential clients, research new market opportunities and oversee growth projects, market sales projections and forecasting revenue in line with projected income, foster and develop relationship with customers and more importantly work strategically-carrying out necessary planning in order to implement operational changes.

He is a seasoned communications and business development specialist and possesses functional knowledge of sales and marketing and knows how to penetrate new markets and accounts and create brand awareness via web and social media, advertisements and public relations. 

His educational qualifications include a BBA (Bachelor’s degree) from Kerala University and an MBA degree (Marketing Management) from Annamalai University, India.

As the C.M.O of the company, his roles would include the following:
• Using varied marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, boosting the perceived brand value of the product.
• Manage crucial corporate communications to the target market vide advertising and sponsored events. 
• Spearheading market research and pricing and product marketing
• Create overall brand awareness
• Penetrate new accounts/markets
• Recruiting, training and supervising employees and sales associates


Bhavana Singh

Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O)

Mrs. Bhavana Singh is an experienced executive with over 11 years of experience in the tour and travel industry in different capacities at the executive, management and operational levels.

Mrs. Bhavana has garnered rich experiences by playing important roles with prime global airline companies spanning across business consulting, sales and services, business process improvement for B2B & B2C operations and effective team handling and support across various branches with respect to distribution and retail operations.

Moreover, she is seasoned in creating and managing the organization's fiscal operating and capital budget and expenses and additionally monitoring the operational performance of both internal and external service providers.

At present Mrs. Bhavana’s dynamic and vast experience in leading operations, management and executive roles has deemed her appropriate for the role of COO at Serv-horizon Inc. where she will focus on the organization’s business operation and goal creation for the performance development of the venture. In addition, her expertise will also assist in managing the organizations fiscal operating and capital budget expenses.

Mrs. Bhavana Singh is a graduate from SNDT college, University of Mumbai, India. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English literature. She also holds a diploma in Mass communication, PR & Advertising from Wellingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, India.

As the C.O.O of Serv-Horizon Inc, she will have the following responsibilities:
Designing and implementing operational strategies, plans, and procedures.
Establish policies that promote company culture and vision.
Overseeing the organization’s daily business operations and work of the executives (IT, Marketing, Finance, etc.)
Creating goals related to performance and growth
Using varied marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, boosting the perceived brand value of the product along with managing the organizations fiscal operating and capital budget expenses.


Athulya Sreebu

chief sales officer (C.S.O)

Athulya Sreebu is a knowledgeable professional with 3.5 years of experience in the sales space working with multinational companies in the sales and marketing industry, analysing and creating plans for engaging a target market, finding and formulating ways to sell products in the face of a down market, strategizing plans for gaining customers and engaging in superior customer service.

Her rich experiences in the sales and marketing industry in a multinational capacity life has deemed her appropriate to lead the company as its Chief Sales Officer (C.S.O) and her duties would entail leading the company’s sales department to meet revenue and sales growth targets, close deals with potential vendors to bring them onboard to our platform, managing relations with customers while also overlooking the product development and acting as a bridge between the executive team, customers and the technical team. Mrs. Athulya Sreebu holds a Master’s degree in Physics from M.G University, Kottayam, Kerala.

She envisions Serv-horizon Inc. as a platform which is focused on revolutionizing the way of using home services by creating an aggregator of various home services to choose from under one roof.

As the Chief Sales Officer of Serv-Horizon Inc, her roles will include the following:
Doing analysis and making recommendations based on performance analysis, sales strategies, market research and competitor analysis.
Make comprehensive strategy and plans in order to drive revenue growth and increase sales.
Hire sales personnel, train them and retain the best sales talent to reach sales goals for the company.
Work cross-functionally with other leadership team members to foster collaboration, faster revenue growth and higher profitability.
Drive customer acquisition strategy for the company by providing a positive and efficient experience for the customers.
Help the sales team work more efficiently by having a sound organizational structure and a well-designed territory and account management plan.